Plotters vs. Printers: What's the difference?

Plotter vs. Printer: What's the difference?

What is a Plotter?

There is a lot of confusion on the term Plotter vs. Printer... the term Plotter orginated from the early days of Pen Plotters when CAD designers needed a large format printer to print out their CAD designs. A printer was invented that housed of a carousel of pens that could print out large format drawings that were created with CAD programs. Since CAD documents only consisted of lines and text back in those times, using a Pen Plotter to produce those drawings was sufficient. Today's CAD documents can not only consist of lines and text but also contain images and renderings, so large format Inkjet Printers are more useful and much easier to operate and maintain. Since the original CAD printer was called a Pen Plotter, today's inkjet printers can also be referred to as Inkjet CAD Plotters.

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